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​" Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. "

  - Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

Individual treatment sessions are one-on-one sessions particularly suited to the individual who is experiencing distress or frustration within the personal, professional, relational, or spiritual areas of their life and is seeking support and guidance to find the best solution.

One-on-one Coaching sessions are over the phone and in person with additional e-mail support between sessions to ensure the most interactive coaching experience. Since having flexibility in the coaching relationship is important for both the coach and client, at times and upon the client’s request, the first session may be conducted in person with subsequent sessions over the phone or in a combination of the two.

One-one one Coaching sessions with Hypnotherapy are mostly conducted in person, but depending on the issue, may be conducted over the phone after the initial session treatment.

Your confidentiality is completely assured at all times!

Elements of A Coaching Session:

- The Initial Appointment​

 The initial coaching/hypnotherapy session is 90 minutes long in which we will focus on discussing your challenges, problems, and/or concerns prompting you to seek coaching/hypnotherapy. It is mostly a reviewing session for:

•   Gathering information about you and your current situation
     in life, and developing your personalized vision statement
     and life purpose.

•   Clarifying the coaching process and establishing a
     coaching relationship.

•   Formulating an action plan for clarifying your goals and
     desired outcome.

At the end of the initial session you will also receive a coaching packet that the coaching agreement, code of ethics, and assessment tools and feedback instruments essential for the coaching work and follow up sessions to get going.

​- The Follow Up Appointment


1-Hour long process/progress sessions for focusing on the action plans established on the initial coaching session to:

•    Discuss your accomplishments, challenges and opportunities

      that will move you toward achieving the changes you are looking for.


•    Assess whether you are reaching your goals, and how well the coaching

      process is working for you.

•   Make course corrections, as needed, to enhance the
     effectiveness of the coaching process and action plans.

Frequency of Sessions​:
​Basic Package Program: 4 sessions, including initial session.

Follow Up Coaching: Once a week sessions for an established period of 30 days to work on your action  plan.                                                                                                                               

Coaching-As-You-Go Single Sessions:​

As-You-Go single sessions are available and tailored to suit your needs. These are exploratory sessions appropriate when you are looking for basic coaching or specific guidance on a goal or issue to work on.  After the first single/initial session you  have the option of purchasing  the basic  package to continue working on an issue, the choice is yours.

Your initial appointment is your starting point, after that you can have a session as often or as irregularly as you want...Go as you need, pay as you Go!


            No long-term commitments or coaching plans.

It’s all up to you, as simple as that!