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To rediscover ourselves, empower one another & restore our connection with the community.

Group Coaching is defined as a group process facilitated by a professional coach following coaching principles for the purposes of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals, or greater self-awareness. In a group coaching setting all participants, including the coach, combine energy, experience, and wisdom for achieving desired goals.

Group Coaching is usually done by creating Reflective Circles, which are discussion forums to deliberate on specific issues or subject matter of interest to all circle members. It is a unique opportunity to connect with inspiring people and share ideas in a variety of interesting subjects for personal enrichment and learning. The intention is to promote a co-creative path for bringing together a community of like-minded people who are taking the most important ideas of our time and turning them into action.

Get so much more by interacting and learning in a group setting, always a wise investment in yourself!



Group Life Coaching 


Group Life Coaching is a cost-effective approach for groups of people with similar professional or personal backgrounds and issues to work on. It encourages interactive learning experiences and the development of supportive relationships between group members to work on the development of insights and skills leading towards improved personal satisfaction and performance. 


Having peer support within the group is the best tool for rediscovery, inspiration and motivation anyone can have.

Location for Group Sessions:


Location depends on the number and relationship of members and may range from  meeting at private homes to  specific venues arranged in advanced around the metropolitan area.  Additional fees to cover for renting the venue may apply.