"To make a change in any part of you, you have to change all of you. Your results are a function of the way you organize and use yourself.​"

Stuart Heller​


​Very few coaches come close to this approach’s versatility in assisting clients applying these skills for a truly integrative Holistic Health experience in three essential areas of coaching: Life Transitions, Holistic Nutrition, and Wellness.


Innovative Coaching Style that:

  • Is tailored to achieve specific outcomes by customizing coaching sessions according to each client’s particular needs, goals, purpose, vision, skills and plans.​  

  • It is a powerful, fast and effective way to bring change for a more healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

  • It is client-centered  and parts from the assumption that each person is has all the resources within to accomplish a desired outcome.

  • Focuses on action-oriented/results mainly based on collaborative partnership between coach and client encouraging action and holding the client accountable to implement their action plans.

  • Is an integrative style to coaching rather than one-for-all type of methodology following a particular coaching school. It addresses competencies and positive qualities emphasizing the uniqueness and complexity of each client.

  • Offers guidance by selectively choosing the approach appropriate to the tasks the client is  attempting to accomplish.


  • Provides the resources the client can use for deep and lasting transformation and well-being.


  • Supports individual clients in going deeper to find what they want at a soul level-unconscious, rather than on conscious desires and ambitions according to the dictates of the moment. This being a clearly distinct feature from other coaching approaches.

  • Is a powerful alliance helping clients transcend self-imposed limiting beliefs for making a conscious connection with their authentic self to achieve the change they deserve!