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About Coaching

Historically the evolution of coaching as a discipline has been influenced by and enhanced through by many fields of study including those of personal development, adult education, psychology and other organizational or leadership theories and practices. Since the mid-1990s, coaching has developed into a more independent discipline and professional associations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Association of Coaching (IAC) have helped develop a set of training standards. Coaching is performed with individuals and groups, in person, over the phone and online.

The first use of the term coaching referred to an instructor or trainer, but now in relation to business and personal or life coaching, the term is used to describe a type of facilitating interaction between client and coach.

Dynamic Awareness Approach

Full awareness goes beyond what we are thinking. The body can reflect what we are thinking and feeling, and the body can support what we desire to think and feel. After all, we are all part of an energy web where every action, feeling and thought we have ultimately affects someone else and also comes back to us - either to haunt or help.

Have you heard the expression, ‘listen to your body’? By studying your patterns of reaction, belief, tension, feelings, and posture, you learn how you both hinder and help yourself. While awareness is mastering the ability to see with our entire being going beyond our perceptions of thought, the dynamics is the energy that motivates us to be mindful of our senses for engaging life with purposeful intentions.

Coaching Benefits

At various times through our lives we may discover that we have a goal whether a specific wish to actualize that could benefit from a coach. In the same way that a coach works with a gifted athlete to maximize his or her potential, the professional life coach facilitates the individual or group along a structured path towards achieving life path goals. Coaching is a process conducted in a supportive, open, flexible, and understanding environment.  It is an ongoing, confidential relationship.

The overall goal of coaching is to be of service and help to find the idea, thought, or belief that holds everything in place. That's where the shift takes place and the emotions can change from there.