"Disease is a metaphor of the physical and emotional needs of our body.

If there is not an exterior solution to that need, then there is an interior one."  

- Christian Fleché

Reprograming of emotions with Biological DEcoding




  • makes decisions/choices

  • can reject or accept

  • more rational than emotional

  • has a sense of time passing


  • can not reject

  • more emotional

  • is always in the present time

  • can not distinguish between real things or imagined ones

Introducing BioEmotional Dynamics® Emotional Coaching for Reprograming of Emotions within the framework of Total Biology & Biological Decoding



BioEmotional Dynamics®  - an integral healing modality of intermixable techniques created by Dynamic Awareness  -  is an innovative approach to emotional coaching and healing based on teachings of Total Biology and Biological Decoding-  the science of purpose and meaning of health, disease, negative patterns and wellbeing- It is a new model of thinking and looking at disease, a more holistic and integral kind of life coaching and well-being putting emphasis on a relationship of companionship.


The objective of this healing modality is to accompany the client in a journey of discovery to the land of the subconscious, that part of the mind preferably avoided, but in which is certain to find the answers we need in order to activate new neural mechanism to achieve a change of perspective on a more conscious level. Designed to unlock your mind and liberate your potential... The human mind, when properly prepared, will be open to remarkable change at equally remarkable speed. 


Total Biology and Biological Decoding demonstrate that diseases and detrimental life patterns are the transposition in the mind or the body of a specific stress or conflict (of individual, familial or ancestral origin) which intensity has overcome the threshold of manageability of the individual. In these conditions, the automatic brain, which is programmed to keep the individual alive instant after instant, sends the specific program in the body which is the perfect solution to the unresolved stress or conflict. This specific program which is the perfect solution to the unresolved stress or conflict is what everyone calls disease. The disease program is going to keep running until the person becomes aware of its origin and resolves the stress or conflict which generated this specific response. Therefore, once the purpose of an event or a disease is understood, it gives us the opportunity to change the program which controls it.




“In order to heal any illness, it's necessary and enough

to eliminate the origin of the conflict in itself. ​”

- Claude Sabbah​



Scientific Background and Its Beginnings


The theories and concepts proposed by Total Biology and Biological Decoding are supported by research work from scientific pioneers such as: Dr. Sabbah, Dr. Marc Frechet, , Dr. Hamer, C Fleché, Ann Ancelin Shutzenberger, Salomón Sellam, Alejandro Jodorowski, Enric Corbera, Enrique Bouron, among many others.  A fundamental scientific framework that can be applied to virtually any type of disease or ailment. Total Biology is the established and accepted school of thought best known in Europe as Biological Decoding, however, in absence of a more conventional recognition worldwide it goes by many names (Biodecoding, Bioreprograming, Bioemoción, Bioneuroemoción), according to regional name branding, teachers, and unique techniques added. Regardless of any name given by one group or another, the therapeutic value and purpose of the methodology is the same because we, as trained facilitators and "companions", adhere to the same principles and protocols of practice...the difference is on the degree of competence and nuances of each practitioner.  


The entire Biological Decoding & Neuroemotional/Emotional Intelligence therapeutic discipline - with all its variations/adaptations- is fast becoming a scientific movement, a field of its own that continues growing and evolving along with the new discoveries and theories of psychobiology, kinesiology, quantum physics - especially behavioral epigenetics, bioenergetics and psychosomatics.


With such an extensive scientific background it is almost impossible to exclude its accuracy and efficacy in helping people find the cure of disease and heal their bodies, physically, biologically, mentally and spiritually. It would be presumptuous and negligent to think otherwise, thus we have to be open to the infinite possibilities of healing available within us.




Elements of BioEmotional Dynamics®.... taking the Mind-Body Connection one step further


Following the practice and the therapeutic applications of the original concepts in the ever expanding field of psicobiology, BioEmotional Dynamics® combines Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) techniques, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Visualization and Emotional freedom techniques (EFT), with personal Life Coaching (solution-focused) skills, BioEmotional Coaching (emotional brain) and Psycho-Biogenealogy concepts to adjust habits of thought, feeling and behavior.  Other mind-body techniques and tools are intermixed whenever appropriate to help and guide you on your path to self-healing work, self-fulfillment and a joyous happy life. 


The basic principle is that despite appearances, nothing happens at random in the Universe and that every living being is programmed for life and survival. This means that diseases are not the results of a malfunctioning or degeneration of our bodies, but are part of this super program of survival and only constitute super-physiologic programs. 

The key to each of our diseases is to understand what purpose they serve, as they are solutions of the automatic (unconscious) brain to resolve a specific stress/conflict which we live and for which we cannot find a solution with our conscious mind. Once you understand what specific stress or conflict triggered this disease in your life, you bring what was unconscious and was causing the disease up to consciousness and have the opportunity to work on it and release the stress associated.


BioEmotional Dynamics® is about listening, listening to the client- non psychological- (not telling of the story, but what it feels) and listening to the message behind the symptom and the emotional conflict that activates it - biological observation - both essential clues to restoring health and well-being. 


Protocol of the Journey to the Subconscious, as referred to in the Psycho-Biological Decoding field, is the best way to gain access to any distorted information stored in the subconscious due to biological conflicts and emotional bio-shocks or traumas that may be hindering a biological resolution free of disease.  


How much Freewill do we have and how much of the scenario of our lives is our own?


The subconscious is Biological... it controls us, It's intelligent, Nothing is casual. Only there can we deprogram and reprogram the imprinted information to reactivate new neural processes and create different pathways. 


  • Mind and Body are in a permanent relationship

  • Adaptation is biological through orders

  • There is a repressed emotional shock 


Symptoms are coherent with the cause corresponding to a specific organ, and when we get sick we could ask ourselves:

What am I sick for (reason, instead of why)? ... Why this particular illness?... Why now?


To find the best response and solution, the main objectives are:


  • Understanding the biological sense of disease

  • Accepting that the symptom is NOT the outcome of something outside us, that we have created it

  • Identifying the hidden emotion of the conflict

  • Identifying the story behind the story

  • Becoming conscious of a change of beliefs or belief system

  • Arriving at a new paradigm (way of thinking)

  • Achieving integral wellbeing (body, mind, sprit)

  • Taking action with intention to heal



True healing comes from a change within oneself and a shift in awareness....


To identify and treat emotions we have to consider two logics:


  • Rational Logic...Intellectual

  • Visceral Logic... Irrational and Involuntary 



Did you know?


  • The human body has the capability to heal because everything needed is in it: the origin of disease, the meaning, the maintenance, the treatment and prevention of every disease, all our questions and answers are within.


  • You could entirely modify your life patterns and achieve emotional healing by uncovering the stresses and programs passed on to you by previous generations.


  • To fully resolve emotional distress and surpass an emotional conflict life itself will not provide ideal change of circumnstances until YOU take charge and decide to change the situation.


  • Belief systems control our health, NOT genes... belief systems are hard to change, but never impossible to attain. 


  • It is not just what we know about our biological conflict that will create a shift in our biology and permit healing, but rather what we do about it.  


  • The persistence of memory and how memories are stored in the brain, have the power of shaping our lives and behaviors patterns from experiences encoded in our subconsciuos as mental image pictures called imprints... a complete recording, down to the last accurate detail, of every perception present in a moment of partial or full “unconsciousness.”


  • Recovery cannot be dependent upon modifications other individuals make... one person cannot be made responsible for the health of another. Only you as human being, have the power to cure yourself.  




"Being Mindful of the Emotion is the Key that allows us to Live,

it is the Propelling Engine." - E. Corbera