Life & Wellness Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Bio-Emotional Decoding, BioEnergetic Assessment & Nutritional Coaching.

Maggy Christian, M.Msc, CPC, CHt, CBP

Professional Certified Coach (IAC) Certified Hipnotherapist (NGH). 

Founder & President, Dynamic Awareness Coaching


"With all the interchangeable skills I have and my love for learning, my passion is ONE...helping people in any way I possibly can."



I started my career as Transportation Planning Manager and as Housing Counselor working with people in different fields  while attaining valuable work experience, in both the technical and social aspects of the profession. My educational background is uniquely versatile and multidisciplinary, ranging from BIS/MS degrees in Urban/Environmental Planning & Social Studies, Post-Graduate studies/certifications in Translation, Applied Science Studies in Social Psychology, to specialized training in Family & Substance Abuse Counseling and Holistic Health.









































Magally (Maggy) Christian

A lifelong learner and self proclaimed researcher, as well as, working as a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist for the past few years has triggered off a quest to broaden my knowledge in different healing modalities & training even further through established and innovative institutions of complementary medicine & natural healing.


This unorthodox educational background in the eclectic field of Natural Health allows me to integrate various methodologies into my practice, subscribing to the idea that a person is best helped with all-around techniques grounded on established and acceptable body of knowledge. A concept that clearly endorses the use of an equally all-around integrative and powerful model of Coaching-Hypnosis and Natural Healing with a more holistic focus.





  • Bio-Emotional & Biological Decoding (Emotional Psychobiology & Genealogy)

  • Coaching the Unconscious Mind

  • Integrative Health, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

  • Environmental Health & Detoxification

  • Gerson Therapy Basics

  • Medical Biomagnetism & the Biomagnetic Pair, levels I & II

  • Bioenergetics/Applied Kinesiology/EFT (Energy Psychology)

  • Clinical Hypnosis & NLP (stress & pain management)

  • Food Psychology & Life-Wellness Coaching

  • The Silva Method for Mind-Body Healing

  • Energetic Biofeedback Assessment Coaching

  • Orthomolecular Nutrition (vitamin & mineral deficiencies and imbalances)

  • Reiki Master

Sergio Chacón 

Electronic  Technology Engineer. Certified in Medical Biomagnetism & the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.


"Electronics has always been my profession and passion, especially because of its scientific base, then I discovered Medical Biomagnetism & the Biomagnetic Pair."



The Biomagnetic Pair is not only scientifically based, but is also evidence based on more than 30 years of patient investigations and research relating to the efficacy of Biomagnetic Healing. Biomagnetic therapy, its concepts of magnetic fields, energetic vibration and bioresonance being so closely linked to electronics is one discipline that I feel comfortable with to continue studying, investigating and practicing as my second career in life. 








Sergio Chacón

Today, we are at an exciting juncture in the evolution of health care as Biomagnetic Pair therapy eventually becomes one of the most promising new therapeutic interventions. After more than 30 years since Dr. Goiz discovered the Biomagnetic Pair, a wider awareness of this promising non-invasive healing modality is slowly gaining credibility and momentum in the U.S as more people discovers its immense health benefits. 


As an increasing number of health and holistic practitioners get proper training in how to apply Biomagnetic Pair therapy to treat a wide range of ailments, more people will have access to a more widely accepted natural healing option.  


Biomagnetism and the Biomagnetic Pair is really the medicine of the future, I could have never asked for a better time for me to get involved with the idea of expanding awareness of such a simple but powerful healing technique and in helping people to get healthy again. 





  • Gerson Therapy Basics

  • Medical Biomagnetism & the Biomagnetic Pair, levels I & II

  • Bioenergetics/Applied Kinesiology

  • Energetic Biofeedback Assessment





" I met Maggy at a conference of mutual interest a few years ago, and let's just say that we hit it off right away. I have since found in her a wonderful colleague and friend and an unwavering supporter. Maggy and I have talked coaching at length. I have tremendous respect for and confidence in her abilities.

She cares deeply about the work she does and invests countless hours in her own continuing development so she has the most to offer her clients. I recommend Maggy for her coaching, for her expertise, and for her demonstrated loyalty and commitment to serving others."

- Dr. Laura Hills

Blue Pencil Institute



  • Certified Practitioners in Medical Biomagnetism (CBP) by Centro de Biomagnetismo Medicinal, EC & the CIBM of Dr. Goiz Durán.

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt)

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • Certified Food Psychology Coach (CFPC)

  • Master in Metaphysical Science-M.Msc.

  • Metaphysical Practitioner (M.Msc)

  • The International Association of Coaching -IAC

  • The National Guild of Hypnotists-NGH

  • The International Metaphysical Ministry-IMM