What is Professional Coaching & How Does It Work?

Many say that coaching is the art, science, and practice of personal and professional development. It is in fact the practice of supporting an individual through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. Coaching appears to be the natural progression to inspiring, energizing, and facilitating the performance, learning and development of the individual.

Effective coaching goes beyond a static development process; it is rather a dynamic course of action that includes the practice of dialogue at personal level by means of asking questions for challenging the individual, provoking introspection for greater self-awareness and clarity of goals and reflection, and encouraging action/reaction outcomes and accountability for achieving beneficial results in all areas of life.


How Is Personal Coaching Different From Therapy?

Therapy focuses on analysis and interpretation. Coaching is unlike therapy because it  

does not focus on examining or diagnosing the past, mental illness or dysfunction.

Instead Coaching...

  • Focuses on the present and how it effects change in a person's current and future actions Rather than focusing on what has happened, the emphasis is on what is possible, on experiencing, and the shifting of perspective and position.


  • Is client-centered, solution-based for solving problems of the present focusing on client’s lifelong development.


  • Uses powerful techniques (tools, support, and structure) to clarify your goals, values, meaning and purpose, vision, plans of action for deepening learning and to keep you focused on your priorities.

  • Will help you create prosperity, balance, and fulfillment in your life.  Through coaching, you can achieve your goals and dreams by breaking them down into smaller more achievable ones.

  • Develops possibilities by leveraging the client’s strength.

  • Encourages the client to set the agenda within a collaborative coaching relationship.

  • Considers the client naturally whole and resourceful with untapped potential.

  • Is a process of enrichment rather than repair.

What Is In A Coach?

•   The main role of the life coach is to enable clients set their own agenda helping

      them find the ways or the paths that are right for them.

•   A coach acts as a guide using the power of commitment for defining and

     achieving goals in concord with their desired outcomes and action plans.

•   A coach acts as a partner in the process, offering support and holding clients

     accountable to implement their goals.

Personal coaching in particular is a process of transformation, growth, improvement and change toward a new condition in life free of limiting beliefs hindering inner potential. Life coaching is ultimately about the present situation of the client - your life in the moment’ and its potential for improvement and achieving results, results and more results.