Thank you for visiting Dynamic Awareness Coaching & Medical Biomagnetism.  I invite you to explore the site to learn more about Life/Wellness/Health Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Biomagnetism, Bioenergetic Assessment, and BioEmotional Dynamics (Biodecoding). If you resonate with the ideas expressed here, you'll be inspired by working with me to help you achieve your goals.

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It’s all about changes!…During times of massive economic shifts and uncertainty for many people, now more than ever a need for redefining our lives and our role in the world is eminent. This in itself creates a painful transition to go through, often creating inners struggles when having to address deeper convictions about what we want out of life; we want more self-awareness and self-improvement. These may also be the perfect times to reflect on the general philosophical thought about how we can open ourselves up to the possibilities that come with major life shifts and changes. We are after all naturally conditioned to live in a world of certainty, accustomed to see reality alike, no need to seek other options. Uncertainty on the other hand, forces us to consider alternatives to what we hold as our true reality and way of being. Think about it, it may be a blessing in disguise.The very pain of change offers an opportunity for revival and transformation, from hopelessness to real, meaningful growth in self.

Life, Wellness, Health Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis have been a natural professional progression for me and thus my goal as Professional Life/Wellness/Health Coach and Hypnotherapist is to constantly encourage my clients to embrace necessary shifts in thinking and feeling within the turning points in their lives. To sort out and focus on all the possibilities that will help them find the best solutions to create powerful and positive change that would increase self-awareness in all areas of their lives.

I invite you to continue exploring my site and I hope you find it interesting and a worthwhile learning experience. But most of all, I hope that it acts as a trigger or medium for those of you who are struggling with major changes in your lives. 


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"It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are without any self-deception or illusion that a light will develop out of which the path to success will be recognized." - I Ching​

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My goal and mission as a Life/Health Coach  and Hypnotherapist is to help individuals meet the challenges of these changing times, get hold of key issues hindering their personal development and well-being, and increase self awareness in all areas of their lives. The end result is to encourage making positive changes that will transform and empower them to become fully functioning human beings… one client at a time!

Maggy Christian - Dynamic Awareness Coaching

Dr. Laura Hills - Blue Pencil Institute 

"I met Maggy at a conference of mutual interest a few years ago, and let's just say that we hit it off right away. I have since found in her a wonderful colleague and friend and an unwavering supporter. Maggy and I have talked coaching at length. I have tremendous respect for and confidence in her abilities. She cares deeply about the work she does and invests countless hours in her own continuing development so she has the most to offer her clients. I recommend Maggy for her coaching. for her expertise, and for her demonstrated loyalty and commitment to serving others."

Dr. Heike Jung - DBL Coaching, LLC

Get acquainted with the coach and see how her life experiences and life shifting process, relate to your own journey of life shifts & the crucial ups and downs toward transformational change.

- Maggy Christian

"I had the pleasure of working with Maggy at Fowler Wainwright International. She was a very focused and dedicated student of Life Coaching. Her caring nature made it easy to confide in her. I would recommend Maggy as a Life Coach."


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Recognizing what is not working in our lives and through effective action commit to making the changes we need to improve the experience of being in this world is the most significant aspect of an integrative style of coaching intermixing different modalities, techniques, coaching models, and mind-body therapies.


Dynamic Awareness Coaching & Medical Biomagnetism recognizes that each client is unique and as such selectively uses a multidisciplinary, eclectic and integrative coaching style based on a Solution-Focus model, Clinical Hypnosis, NLP and Mind-Body techniques - an integral approach comprising the BioEmotional Dynamics® healing system. 

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